Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ice Cream, and Yogurt, Oh My!

Check out your local natural foods store to get some tasty ice cream and yogurt, who knew you could be a soy free vegan and live so well?!

1.Coconut milk ice cream

I have tried the So Delicious brand in Chocolate and Vanilla (both are quite excellent and taste like the real thing to me!). Also, it is made with agave nectar so as to keep you sugar levels from spiking;) I have also heard of another brand, coconut bliss, that is supposed to taste very good.

2. Coconut milk yogurt

It's been so long since I could enjoy yogurt, mmmm. This yogurt comes in a whole host of flavors. I do not like the vanilla, raspberry, or passion mango (although I do know some people who do). But I am in love with the blueberry flavor. I am also using the plain in all sorts of recipes, starting with mango lassis:D

check these out:


Bridey said...

What was the coconut yogurt brand, is it the same brand as the ice cream you tried? I haven't seen that kind of ice cream or yogurt yet, but hope to soon. I have had Coconut Bliss, It is absolutely out of this world. They sweeten it with agave is stead of cane sugar. The first time I tried it I thought I had died an gone to heaven.

Camille said...

I fixed the post so that it has the website, and yes it is so delicious:) So glad to hear Coconut Bliss is good, I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Coconut Bliss is made in the town I live in. I was fortunate to get in on some tasting of various flavors early on in the life of the company. Oh My. It is soooooooooooo goooooooooood!
Cherry Ameretto and Dark Chocolate being my current favorite flavors.

So Delicious (formerly Soy Delicious) also started in this neck of the country. The coconut line is fairly new. I only just tasted the yogurt for the first time today. Yum Yum.
Spendy but good. I had blueberry.

Fortunate for me, I can handle some soy, especially tempeh, but need to really hold the consumption of other soy to a minimum. It is really wonderful to have these alternatives.

Just found you through Book of Yum. Thanks for being here and taking recipes, etc. into your own hands.